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Honored and grateful to celebrate its past, but equally excited for its future, Arrowhead Bank celebrated its 100th year anniversary in 2023. Chartered in 1923, the bank originally opened its doors for business as Moore State Bank at a building on Main Street in Llano, Texas. The bank operated under its original ownership until 1963, when A.W. Moursund III, a life-long Hill Country resident, rancher, attorney, and judge, purchased controlling interest in Moore State Bank. At that time, the bank had deposits totaling $4,000,000 and approximately $660,000 in capital, surplus and undivided profits. In 1980, the bank honored its hometown roots by changing its name to First Llano Bank. The bank operated with only one location until 1991, when due to its strength and stability, it was invited to submit a bid for the purchase of the former San Saba National Bank. On August 29, 1991, the bank was successfully awarded the bid for the purchase of the bank, and it opened its second location in San Saba, Texas. With the bank now having locations in multiple towns, it was appropriate to change its name to its now current name of Arrowhead Bank. Over the next decade, the bank expanded its footprint to other areas in the Texas Hill Country. The bank opened its Horseshoe Bay branch in 1996 and then followed that with the opening of the Fredericksburg branch in 2001. Through the patronage, support and confidence of its deposit and loan customers, the bank has grown to approximately $278,000,000 in total deposits and $25,500,000 in capital, surplus and undivided profits.

Through the leadership and vision of its previous and current officers and Board members, the bank has survived through the Great Depression, several world and regional wars, the assassination of a President, acts of terrorism and a global pandemic. The bank has also found a way to navigate successfully through periods of both low and high interest rates, increasing and decreasing property values, and periods of drought and extreme weather. Through both the good times and the bad, Arrowhead Bank has remained financially strong and steadfast in the mission of serving the financial needs of the communities that we serve.

The recent history and success of the bank can be traced back to the ownership of Judge A.W. Moursund III and his family. Judge Moursund believed that it was imperative to have knowledgeable, well-trained, and friendly employees to better serve the bank’s customers. He also believed in treating the employees like family which has positively enhanced employee retention and continuity of management. In 1989, the bank named Llano native F.M. (Fuzzy) Reagor as the bank’s Chief Executive Officer and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors. Under the leadership of Judge Moursund and Fuzzy Reagor, the bank opened three new branches prior to Judge Moursund and his wife, Mariallen Moursund, both passing away during 2002. However, through Judge Moursund’s foresight, successor management was in place and Mary M. Moursund was named as Chairman of the Board serving alongside fellow directors Will S. Moursund and Ingrid Moursund. In following with developing management succession, the bank named Jeff Kuykendall as Chief Executive Officer in 2012, and shortly thereafter, Autumn Moursund and Albert Moursund were named as Advisory Directors of the bank’s Board of Directors. While the management team of the bank has decades of banking experience, the bank officers and employees at each branch are equally experienced and tenured with limited staff turnover which has helped enhance and improve the customer experience. People can call the bank and get an actual person on the phone who they know and trust to handle their finances.

As the bank has provided over 100 years of sound, solid banking services for the Texas Hill Country, it still looks for ways to improve the customer experience. The bank offers modern banking products such as internet banking, remote deposit and a mobile banking app that allows the bank to conveniently reach its customers wherever they are located. While technology has changed in the last 100 years, what makes a bank successful is the same now as it was back in 1923…the customers and staff! We at Arrowhead Bank want to thank our loyal customers and staff, past and present, for your confidence, support and patronage. You are indeed the backbone of our success, and we look forward to serving you for another 100 years! If you haven’t been with us during our journey, we ask that you give us a chance and come check out Arrowhead Bank…FOR A BETTER BRAND OF BANKING!