Online Bill Pay


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Arrowhead Bank’s bill pay service combines all of the online banking features with the ability to send payments to anyone in the United States – large, nationwide business, small businesses in your town or even a friend or family member.   Bill pay service allows you to pay anyone to whom you can write a check.

  • Send one-time payments, occasional or recurring payments
    • Choose from several recurring payment periods
    • Recurring payments can either be a fixed amount (such as an auto payment) or variable (such as your electric bill)
  • Receive electronic bills direct from certain billers (usually large, national vendors) to your online banking account
  • Set up bill reminders so you won’t forget to pay those hard-to-remember billers
  • Send expedited payments (fees may apply)
    • Certain billers can be paid ‘Same Day’ or ‘Next Day’ when mistakes happen
  • Review up to 24 months of bill payment history
  • Send money to someone using only their mobile phone number or email address (fees may apply)
    • Repay someone or send a money for a gift or special occasion with person to person payments
    • Include an electronic card or note of thanks for no additional charge

If you already have online banking, just log into your online account and send us a request to add bill pay.  It usually takes less than 2 business days to initiate the service while we verify your account.